3 May 2014, Belarus. Three O’clock in the afternoon of May 3rd, 2014, escorted by Vladimir Semashko, First Deputy Prime Minister , Dmitry Katerinich, Minister of Industry, and Shabier, state governor of Minsk, President of Belarus, Alexander Lukashenko paid a working visit to Geely’s Sino-Belarusian joint venture.

Before his visit to the factory, President Lukashenko personally took a test drive of SC7, EX7,and LC Cross, all the car models mass-produced by the joint venture.

President Lukashenko and his delegation started their visit in Borrisov testing ground where SC7, EX7, and LC-Cross were neatly lined.

He opened the engine hood and asked in details for origins of the engine and gearbox, fuel consumption and parameters of SC7, the first car model mass-produced in the joint venture.

Highly appreciating this car model, he said that this is the home-made“national car ”, fairly-priced and reliable.

And then, President Lukashenko came to a brand-new Emgrand EX7. Inquisitive and interested, he asked for details of the specification, displacement, and sales. After he heard the sales of EX7 in the first quarter was excellently great not only in Belarusian domestic market, but also in Russia and Kazakhstan, he was eager for a test drive personally.

Later, he walked to the cute and charming LC-Cross with great interest. Having learnt its fuel consumption, he said LC-Cross best fits beginners, especially teenage girls and housewives.  Then he took a test drive himself.

He and his delegation walked out of testing ground to the BELGEE workshop and had warm conversation with workers while attentively watching every workstation.

In the end, President Lukashenko, after his visit of all workstations, made a cordial speech to all staff in the joint venture and expressed his high appreciation for the work and expectations to all.