3 March 2016, Hangzhou, China.  Geely Auto has unveiled the interior of its much anticipated urban SUV Emgrand GS.This is another major step in the transformation of Geely Auto to further diversify its portfolio and introduce the company’s next generation SUV products.

The Emgrand GS interior has inherited the traditional Geely family design that utilizes design elements that are based upon Chinese history and culture. In the dashboard, the Chinese bridge concept that we have seen on the previous GC9 and Bo Yue has appeared once again, sweeping in from left to right and arching over the center and flowing into the door supports.

These Chinese design elements have continued onto the speaker covers and armrest. The two tone interior gives a young and dynamic appearance. This design inspiration has also carried onto the steering wheel, trim, and other parts of the interior design. The Emgrand GS is equipped with active safety technologies such as ACC and anti-crash warning system providing drivers with an extra piece of mind when driving. The cockpit design keeps all functions within reach giving driver total control of the vehicle. Here the driver can access the updated G-Netlink system with Apple’s CarPlay functionalities.

The Emgrand range has become a phenomenon domestically and internationally with just over 900,000 units on the road since its launch in 2009, the first time a Chinese branded passenger vehicle has been able to gain such global sales traction. The Geely Emgrand GS will launch in the second quarter of 2016, and will play a pivotal role in the continued success of Geely Auto.