Geely Bo Yue faced its first real challenge and showcased its true SUV nature in the freezing temperature of Yakeshi, an Inner Mongolian city with subzero temperatures for eight months of the year.



In one of the coldest winter days in China on record (-51 degrees Centigrade), Geely’s Bo Yue undertook a series of cold weather tests in areas such as traction control, hill decent control, electronic stability control to find out how the vehicle handled in extreme conditions.



The Bo Yue SUV was designed by Peter Horbury’s global design team that have established four global design studios in Shanghai, Barcelona, California and Gothenburg, Sweden where Geely has nearly 300 designers working on the future design direction of Geely Auto vehicles.


The Bo Yue is expected to be unveiled in the first quarter of 2016 and has quickly become one of the most anticipated vehicles of 2016 within China and within Geely’s key export markets. It has become one of the most talked vehicles on the Chinese auto website,, with eight million views and ten thousand comments in a 72 hour period. With its confident stance and design, the Bo Yue has the potential to match the monthly sales figures of popular joint venture SUVs in China and abroad.