20 April 2013, Ya’an, China. In the early morning of April 20th 2013, Ya’an city in Sichuan province was struck by a 7.0-magnitude earthquake, which caused heavy loss of life and damage to property. In order to help the local people in the disaster area overcome difficulties and restore their life to normality, Geely Group announced today that it will donate RMB20 million to the disaster area for relief work and post-disaster reconstruction. As the first step of the plan, Geely Auto and Volvo will donate 26 vehicles to be used in the rescue and relief work, including 22 Geely GX7 and four Volvo XC90. The follow-up rescue plan will be implemented step-by-step according to the demands of the relief work and post-disaster reconstruction.

Geely Group has two plants in Chengdu: Geely Auto and Volvo. Each of these plants contributes significantly to the city’s local development, while also acting as good corporate citizens.

As news of the earthquake emerged, Chairman Li Shufu expressed his grief and sympathy to the compatriots who were affected by the natural disaster and sent deep condolences to all the victims. Chairman Li said that in the face of the natural disaster, Geely prays for the quake-stricken people, that they may get through these tough times, and has pledged support to help them rebuild their home.

Earlier this morning, Geely Auto Sales Company announced that it will provide a “special care policy” for Geely car owners in Ya’an, that will cover all relevant maintenance costs (including costs not covered by insurance companies) for Geely car owners whose vehicles were damaged in the earthquake. In addition, all Geely Auto 4S stores in the quake-stricken area will provide 24-hour shelter, food and beverages for the public, free of charge.

Everyone at Geely prays that God bless Sichuan, and look over its people.